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Mozilla Security @ BSidesVancouver and CanSecWest

This year Mozilla will be sponsoring BSidesVancouver, a free community oriented event on March 10th & 11th in Vancouver, BC. This event is very much in the spirit of the Mozilla community and mission, and several of our security team members will be attending both BSidesVancouver and CanSecWest.

In addition to our team members attending the event, Jeff Bryner and Curtis Koenig will be speaking at the event about some aspects of the security processes and technologies that Mozilla uses and has built. If you are going to be at these events and would like to connect with us at ...

Mozilla is worthy of your trust.

I love working at Mozilla.

That is all there is to say about it.  I work on stuff I like, I work with people who are smarter than me, and that teach me new things all the time.  They tolerate my social peculiarities without making me feel bad for being a little less social and different than other people.  These are the things that make me like my job.

The reason I love working at Mozilla is because of community.  I have spent the last 10 years of my career trying to participate in and develop communities around security, privacy ...

Introducing Minion

Minion is a platform developed by the Security Automation team at Mozilla to enable integration and adoption of automated security testing that has been under development for the past year.

The platform allows any team to set up the basic requirements to perform automated scanning and testing of websites and services by providing sensible defaults for plugins that enable scanning of many types of web applications and services.

With the 0.3 release of Minion there are several milestones that have been achieved that have allowed us to start using Minion internally across our development community, quality assurance, and security ...

A Year Past Due

Today marks the two year anniversary since I started at Mozilla.  It has been an awesome experience so far!

I really should have written a blog post last January, but things were just too busy!  We were ramping up for a number of cool projects, in the midst of a fairly large re-org, and Mozilla was also gearing up to announce Firefox OS (B2G then) at Mobile World Congress.

The last two years have been full of change and growth for the Web, Mozilla, and me!  Since the beginning of 2011 there has been a rapid growth in the HTML5 ...

Needership vs. Leadership

Leaders need to have a vision, and here is mine:  I have a vision of a team that functions in an advisory capacity to the hundreds of developers and thousands of contributors Mozilla has.  I have a vision of a team that produces top quality security tools that enable amateur developers to treat security as a first class concern while providing the maximum flexibility as a framework for the most experienced developers, penetration testers and security teams.  I have a vision of the team providing leadership to the community through mentoring, open communication, and driving the development of open source ...