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Attack ideas, not people!

Yesterday I had a twitter exchange that I thought about alot longer than I probably should have and decided to write a bit more about it.

When I was managing a team I often had to be a sounding board, or use a team member, mentor, or colleague as a sounding board, and the best people weren't afraid to shred my ideas (usually with constructive criticism, but sometimes with their facial expressions or reactions).

It always stings a little when someone blunty tears down an idea, especially one that you have become emotionally, personally, or financially invested in.

Yesterday ...

Time to talk about mental illness again?

So, it's time to talk about Mental Illness again?

Ok. I am 38 years old, own properties in the most expensive region in the country, and arguably North America, have been progressively employed in my career for almost 15 years, and have been "doing what I love" for much longer in terms of my hobbies and such.

I am happily married to a highly motivated, successful woman, and have two healthy, intelligent (and strong willed) kids who are a delight, even when they drive me bonkers!

I am, by any objective measure, very successful. I can do the things ...

An Inclusive Edition of Dungeons and Dragons

Nice to see a formal acknowledgement of one of the biggest appeals of roleplaying games to folks in the LGBTQ community...

It's about time!

Privacy? Who needs privacy...

 Stephen Harper and his cronies killed the long gun registry (against the advice of the police!), and gutted the census (against the advice of pretty much everyone) in the name of privacy.

Now they have introduced legislation that allows them to radically increase online surveillance, for example allowing Fisheries officers to request information about online activity, or enabling anyone identified as a "peace officer" to do the same.

The expanded police powers also allow for police officers to use 'computer programs' to collect information.  The thing is that me and my colleagues have spent the last few decades helping people ...

Being An Ally

I have considered myself "an ally" in the past.  Being helpful, listening to others, advocating for the right opportunities.  It would be easy to make a list of the things I deserve credit for, but instead I will list some things I have done wrong in the last few weeks:

  • Participated in a joke about domestic abuse
  • Laughed at jokes that were derogatory in nature
  • Remained silent when I knew something was wrong

The key thing about these three behaviours is not that I did them because I thought they were funny, or because I thought it was OK.  I ...