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Attack ideas, not people!

Yesterday I had a twitter exchange that I thought about alot longer than I probably should have and decided to write a bit more about it.

When I was managing a team I often had to be a sounding board, or use a team member, mentor, or colleague as a sounding board, and the best people weren't afraid to shred my ideas (usually with constructive criticism, but sometimes with their facial expressions or reactions).

It always stings a little when someone blunty tears down an idea, especially one that you have become emotionally, personally, or financially invested in.

Yesterday ...

An Inclusive Edition of Dungeons and Dragons

Nice to see a formal acknowledgement of one of the biggest appeals of roleplaying games to folks in the LGBTQ community...

It's about time!

Voicing an Opinion

Mozilla is a fascinating place to work. I am surrounded by brilliant people who inspire me on a daily basis.

One of the great bits about brilliant people is that they usually have a some very well thought out opinions or beliefs, and most people tend to be very vocal about them. Because we are an open community at Mozilla, we also have many ways to share information, including Mozilla-hosted and personal blogs, social networking tools, etc, etc, etc, and we also host an aggregator for this content at

Yesterday a prominent member of the Mozilla community ...