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[4e] Zombie


Rotten Feywalker

The Rotten Feywalker is a zombie that was created from an Eladrin.  Flickering between the Feywild and the World, these creatures walk both planes looking for their next meal.

Rotten Feywalker Tactics

A rotten feywalker will attempt to close with the closest living target and use Zombie Grab; once the feywalker has grabbed a target, it uses its Zombie Bite attack until its target is dead.

Feywalker Remnant Tactics

Feywalker remnants crawl towards the closest living target and attempt to bite the target until the target is dead.

Encounter Groups

Zombies can be found in a number ...

[4e] Monster: Mask Demon

Mask Demon

Mask demons are animalistic demons that feed of flesh and psyche.  By destroying the mind of their prey, they are able to seize control and enslave the body.

Mask Demon Tactics

Lesser Masked Demons are primitive minded demons attracted to the target with the strongest mind.  Lesser Mask Demons will try to use Entangling Leap, and then repeatedly use Ensnare Mind to try to gain and keep control of the target.  On the turn of a dominated target, it will attack an adjacent enemy, or move away from combat.

Mask Demon Lore

A character knows the following information ...

[4e] Monster: Bargegazi


Barbegazi are a race of small gnome-like creatures that live near mountain peaks and work to preserve the natural state of the environment.  Generally friendly toward other humanoids, they are shy, and fiercely protective of nature and natural environments.

Barbegazi appear as child-sized wizened humans, although they have the feet of a fully grown adult.  They typically wear furs that help them hide easily in the winter, and are not affected by natural cold.

Barbegazi Peakwalker Tactics

A barbegazi peakwalker will usually attempt to flee, while groups will work together to keep dangerous foes prone and subject to additional ...

[4e] Monster: Necromancer


Summoning the undead through deals with demonic powers, the Necromancer is a dread force for evil.

Necromantic Acolyte Tactics

A necromantic acolyte will not willingly throw their lives away for their master, but they will throw away the lives of other acolytes (after all, necromancy requires corpses for practice!).


Necromantic Theurge Tactics

The Necromantic Theurge will always be encountered with allies, usually undead and living allies.  The Theurge will move in to use Necromantic Surge to its best effect, then retreat to use longer range abilities.  At the earliest opportunity the Theurge will use Dark Summoning to gain new ...

The Tale of Nick Anders

This is the backstory for my first 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Character.

The Tusk and Feather has never been a friendly place to humans, but it was a sailors place, and a rough one to boot.  Many a drunken brawl had ended with berths open aboard ships from distant shores, and shallow unmarked graves with the bodies of unknown sailors.

 Nick sat in his chair turned round, and watched for marks as he slowly sipped his drink.  The biggest issue with the docks was that no one had money, or if they did they had those damnable private armies ...