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[5e] Class: Mystic Theurge

I spent some time working through some updates of a couple of 3.5 prestige classes, and came up with some concepts that I think work somewhat well, borrowing a touch from Pathfinder as well. The first one is the Mystic Theurge; if you would prefer a PDF version of the document, you can find it hosted on Google Docs.

When working through a 5e Theurge, I considered that in most past editions, the Mystic Theurge was considered a painful trap due to nerfed caster levels, and spell slot progression. 5e multiclassing patches alot of that up, so the Mystic ...

[5e] Class: Harper Agent

Harper Agent

Dedicated to fighting evil, seeking out forgotten lore, and preserving the balance between nature and civilization, the Harpers are a semi-secret organization spread across Faerûn.

Comprised most frequently of Bards, the Harper Agents are the eyes and hands of the Harpers in the field.

The Harper Agent




Harpers Inspiration


Harper Spellcasting




Ability Score Improvement


Additional Blessings


Mystra’s Boon



In order to advance as a Harper Agent, you must meet the following prerequisites (in addition to the multi-classing prerequisites for your existing class ...

[5e] Spell: Servant of Bahamut

One of my players desperately wants to be able to summon a dragon as a steed for his Paladin of Bahamut; rather than simply blessing a dragon as a steed, I decided to create a new spell and a set of weakened dragon spirits that could be summoned.

I scaled the creatures to keep them on the weak end of creatures at higher levels, but also designed them to be more resilient than core 5e mounts. I also restricted it to metallic dragons, and with the exception of the Gold Dragon version (this is balanced against the fact that to ...

[5e] Domain: Cleric of Luck

This seems like a somewhat balanced version of a Luck Domain.

Blessing of Luck

You gain the feat Lucky. If you already have this feat, or gain the feat in the future, your luck points increase to 4 rather than stacking.

Domain Spells

1 bane, bless

3 warding bond, mirror image

5 blink, spirit guardians

7 confusion, divination

9 legend lore, mislead

Channel Divinity: Touch of Luck

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to grant you or a creature within 30 feat of you inspiration (see chapter 4). Inspiration granted by this power does not stack ...

An Inclusive Edition of Dungeons and Dragons

Nice to see a formal acknowledgement of one of the biggest appeals of roleplaying games to folks in the LGBTQ community...

It's about time!