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With Politicians like these... Part V


So apparently the Conservative Party is jumping on the bandwagon that Justin Trudeau assaulted Ruth Ellen Brosseau and saying that it's the worst thing they've seen in the House of Commons.

The video (IMO) speaks for itself, and it looks like he bumped into her by accident, but it's not my place to judge what happened.

In contrast, the Rona Amprose and the Conservative Party of Canada voted against a motion to build a national plan to address violence against women. It's hard to take these politicians seriously when lose it over what looks like an ...

Attack ideas, not people!

Yesterday I had a twitter exchange that I thought about alot longer than I probably should have and decided to write a bit more about it.

When I was managing a team I often had to be a sounding board, or use a team member, mentor, or colleague as a sounding board, and the best people weren't afraid to shred my ideas (usually with constructive criticism, but sometimes with their facial expressions or reactions).

It always stings a little when someone blunty tears down an idea, especially one that you have become emotionally, personally, or financially invested in.

Yesterday ...

Old Stock Canadians

Stephen Harpers #OldStockCanadians probably doesn't refer to First Nations or Vikings.

It might include English, French, Spanish, Dutch or other groups that first came to Canada in the colonial era. I wonder if it includes the Chinese who helped connect the coasts via rail, and suffered for it. Or the slaves who escaped to Canada in the gap between the British Empire ended slavery and the US ending it.

Does it include all of the refugees who came over during WWI or WWII? Or any of the other wars since then? My Canada includes all of these people, and ...

An Inclusive Edition of Dungeons and Dragons

Nice to see a formal acknowledgement of one of the biggest appeals of roleplaying games to folks in the LGBTQ community...

It's about time!

Being An Ally

I have considered myself "an ally" in the past.  Being helpful, listening to others, advocating for the right opportunities.  It would be easy to make a list of the things I deserve credit for, but instead I will list some things I have done wrong in the last few weeks:

  • Participated in a joke about domestic abuse
  • Laughed at jokes that were derogatory in nature
  • Remained silent when I knew something was wrong

The key thing about these three behaviours is not that I did them because I thought they were funny, or because I thought it was OK.  I ...