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So you want to learn about ZAP?

On December 15th I will be giving a 2.5 hour training session at BSidesSeattle on how to use OWASP ZAP.

This is a training session, not a talk!  I strongly recommend that you bring a computer that you can use to run ZAP as you will get much more out of it by trying things.  The format for the session will be a series of 15 minute talks about something or other, followed by 15 minutes of testing and QA, which will speed up or slow down based on how many questions people ask.

There will also be a ...

#BSidesSF 2012 videos are up...

The BSidesSF 2012 videos are up on BrightTalk; you can watch my presentation below; the slides to accompany the video can also be found here.

If you have any questions about the content, feel free to contact me (my contact info is on the last slide).

Security Conferences are making me sad...

Over the course of my career I haven't had the opportunity to attend many security conferences, for two reasons:

  • the organizations I worked for didn't really support sending staff
  • I tend to be socially awkward, and have difficulty talking to people

When I started at Mozilla I was super excited about both attending and participating at conferences since not only could I actually attend them, but pretty much everything important that we do at Mozilla is done in the open! Since presenting and participating in security conferences would help me work on the social anxiety bit, and I ...

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