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Mozilla Security @ BSidesVancouver and CanSecWest

This year Mozilla will be sponsoring BSidesVancouver, a free community oriented event on March 10th & 11th in Vancouver, BC. This event is very much in the spirit of the Mozilla community and mission, and several of our security team members will be attending both BSidesVancouver and CanSecWest.

In addition to our team members attending the event, Jeff Bryner and Curtis Koenig will be speaking at the event about some aspects of the security processes and technologies that Mozilla uses and has built. If you are going to be at these events and would like to connect with us at ...

Introducing MARS

This was written as part of a series of blog posts after the founding of MARS that never materialized.  I do wish MARS the best, and decided to post this to capture some of the positivity that was behind the founding of the organization - and the potential that wasn't realized - Yvan Boily, 2016

* a personal perspective from each of you on why you became a board member and what you hope to achieve (I would love for each of us to author one of these)

 That’s a quote from an email I sent to the MARS board as ...

Crowdfunding - A First Experience

The BSidesVancouver Kickstarter was run from January 21, 2014 through February 7, 2014, was successfully funded and made a major contribution to our event.  Hopefully this blog post helps people who are considering running a kickstarter project!

In 2013 Darren and I ran the first BSidesVancouver event, on a shoe-string budget, with the help of some awesomely flexible and helpful sponsors and volunteers.  I may or may not have sold a kidney to help cover costs...

The thing that was really awesome is that on more than one occasion I had people at the event try to give me money ...

BSidesVancouver 2013 - A conference on the Cheap

Part of being transparent and open about things includes reporting back.  Here is an accounting of where money came from and where it went for the conference.  We hosted the first BSidesVancouver on March 4th and 5th; this year was our most recent attempt at getting the event off the ground after several years of trying. One thing I am very happy about is that we were able to do the event for an extremely low cost.

Things we did:

Venue & AV

  • The venue allowed a dedicated speaker track room, a dedicated social room, and a fairly good size ...