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Needership vs. Leadership

Leaders need to have a vision, and here is mine:  I have a vision of a team that functions in an advisory capacity to the hundreds of developers and thousands of contributors Mozilla has.  I have a vision of a team that produces top quality security tools that enable amateur developers to treat security as a first class concern while providing the maximum flexibility as a framework for the most experienced developers, penetration testers and security teams.  I have a vision of the team providing leadership to the community through mentoring, open communication, and driving the development of open source ...

Voicing an Opinion

Mozilla is a fascinating place to work. I am surrounded by brilliant people who inspire me on a daily basis.

One of the great bits about brilliant people is that they usually have a some very well thought out opinions or beliefs, and most people tend to be very vocal about them. Because we are an open community at Mozilla, we also have many ways to share information, including Mozilla-hosted and personal blogs, social networking tools, etc, etc, etc, and we also host an aggregator for this content at

Yesterday a prominent member of the Mozilla community ...