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Mozilla is worthy of your trust.

I love working at Mozilla.

That is all there is to say about it.  I work on stuff I like, I work with people who are smarter than me, and that teach me new things all the time.  They tolerate my social peculiarities without making me feel bad for being a little less social and different than other people.  These are the things that make me like my job.

The reason I love working at Mozilla is because of community.  I have spent the last 10 years of my career trying to participate in and develop communities around security, privacy ...

Why is that shiny new browser more secure?

Disclosure: As of November, 2015 I left Mozilla, but still think they do a great job of security :)

Disclosure: I work at Mozilla in application security.  I don't work much on Firefox, and am more focused on web apps and services.  In a given week I will split my time between Firefox (Release, Beta, Aurora, and Nightly), and Chrome (windows) Chromium (linux), Safari, Internet Explorer because in order to make the right recommendations for web developers and users I need to understand how they *use* the web.  I am putting this on my personal blog because it is my ...

HRDC Breach

So in November of 2012, HRDC lost a usb drive with records for 586,000 students.  That blows.

Just last year, only days before the loss, Vic "stand with us or with the child pornographers." Toews was touting the Federal governments new security spending.  Granted, just announcing a program to fund security doesn't actually do anything, but during that press release he wouldn't name the countries that were the biggest threats to Canada at the time.

Sadly, as many Canadians have now learned, the biggest threat seems to be our own governments failures.  Many people have suggested that ...

Bill C-44 - Did Harper mean to legalize assassination and kidnapping?

Yesterday the Harper Government introduced Bill C-44 - Protection of Canada from Terrorists Act

I generally agree with the importance of the ability of the government to conduct surveillance.  There are bad folks out there, and frankly, they need to be stopped.  That doesn't mean I want a surveillance state, and it certainly doesn't mean I want my country to have an intelligence agency staffed with folks who think they just got an upgrade to being James Bond / Jack Bauer.

Bill C-44 includes this little nugget:

(3.1) Without regard to any other law, including that of any foreign ...

HR wants your password? Be careful...

There have been a number of articles recently covering the practice of prospective employers requesting access to social media sites, personal email accounts, or other deeply personal stores of information.

Despite this being an egregious violation of privacy, it is a growing practice, and one that requires clear guidance and regulation or legislation to protect users. The good news is that the tech industry doesn't need to wait; most of the major players have clearly defined policies which forbid this practice.

Facebook asks its users to commit not to share their passwords or accounts as part of their "rights ...