The Temple of Lozixhil

The Temple of Lozixhil is the continuation of a storyline in my ongoing campaign, and a followup to The Lost Tower of the Mad Mage of Nesme (not yet published), and several other adventures along the way. Since I decided to start writing up and designing my own maps, I decided that spending some time to prep this to be reusable by others would be worthwhile. As usual, you can find the full resolution maps here, and download a copy.

The Temple of Lozixhil

Near the centre of the city there is a small unassuming temple, the Ebon Kindness, dedicated to those who worship Nepenthe, the eater of sorrows. In addition to providing healing and blessings, the followers of Nepenthe offer solace from painful memories and regret.

Nikoleta, the leader of Nepenthe’s followers at this shrine is a kind, elderly human who tends to and cultivates the sweet smelling flowers that give the temple it’s name. By sharing a tea, the draught of final remembrance, made with these flowers, the followers of Nepenthe seek to erase the pain brought into this world by helping those suffering forget their sorrows.

After the first draught, most people will want another, each time giving up a memory, and sleeping their time between doses. Eventually these people will consume enough to forget who they are, and when they do, Nikoleta will comfort them and offer them a path to find new meaining, showing them the Temple to Lozoxihl below.

In reality, Nikoleta is an acolyte of Lozoxihl, but not a very powerful one. She is a faithful servant who seeks to help others, through her ministrations as a healer, but for those who are… troubled… by their memories she offers first an escape, by sharing the tea, and then for those who are left empty by repeatedly taking the tea, something to fill the void, by inducting them into the service of Lozoxihl.

Getting Here

There are many ways to consider getting the party to visit the Ebon Kindness, some may involve having the party come to think of Nikoleta and the Shrine to Nepenthes be an ally

  • The party seeks healing or help for an injured member
  • The party is tracking down information that one of the slumbering people present can provide
  • When researching the black flowers they have found a clue that lead them here
  • One of the commoners present here is currently infected by a Slaad Tadpole, but has forgotten

The Ebon Kindness

A small temple with no windows and a stone door, this building looks more like a mausoleum than a welcoming building. On either side of the stone doors are two fenced in areas where many unusual flowering plants grow. As you approach the sweet smell of the flowers at the end of the long stemmed plants wafts as they tremble lightly as though blown by a gentle breeze even in the calm air. The black leaves and stems of the flowers are notable enough, but they are a stark contrast to the bulbs that have a soft glow, almost like a tea-light about to flicker out at the centre of it’s thorn rimmed flower. On the stone door you see a simple handcarved sign “The Ebon Kindness”, and just below that “All are welcome”.

The Ebon Kindness, a gentle place.

As you open the door you can see the temple is softly illuminated by pale purple light coming from two braziers. The air is comfortably cool and you can see several rows of pews with sleeping people on them leading toward an altar with a brazier that has a kettle sitting above it. In the alcoves you can see stone sculptures that show larger versions of the plants growing outside, their thick stalks seeming to undulate in the shadows of the pale, flickering light.

You see a kind looking elderly woman working several types of dried flowers with a mortar and pestle as she briefly looks up when you enter.

“Come in, come in! Please respect the rest of those who are sleeping. I am Nikoleta, and may the peace of Nepenthe be upon you!”.

Nikoleta is a Priest 1 who will offer any who want it regular tea, and can provide basic healing services via her spell list below market rates – even free, and asks only for a small contribution to the temple in return.

She will also offer any who seek it a Draught of Final Remembrance, below, to any who seek it, and will speak freely of the effects it grants of removing memories, creating a feeling of lightness, but also tiring out those who drink it. She won’t mention the dreams of the alien citiy.

Alternatively a DC 15 insight check will reveal that Nikoleta is concealing something. She is extremely hard to provoke, but will only reveal the temple below if her life is threatened, in which case she will flee down to the basement, warning Andrianos that people are attacking the temple.

One of the tendrils of the plant to the right of the altar is a hidden lever, which when activated will cause a portion of the tiled floor to slide away revealing a staircase into the hidden basement.

The Hidden Temple

Descending down the staircase, you begin to hear a soft chanting in a strange language and as you near the bottom of the stairs you see a burst of harsh green light. If any player has been witness to Naxh’Dhritl, read the section related to that below.

This section should be played as a cut scene until the acolyte points out that the party is present

As the characters step down the last stair the passage opens to a large chamber where you see a tall, thin, impossibly old man (Master Andrianos, a Warlock of the Great Old One 2) wearing dark robes standing before a great hole in space that fills an arch along the northern wall. “Lozixhil the many, we beseech you to grant our brethren your blessing and find them worthy! Accept our sacrifice that we may be serve and be spared when Naxh’dhritl ends his slumber and consumes all the worlds.”, and a great beast (The Presence of Lozoxihl) with many eyes, and flayed, nearly human hands reaches through the portal.

As the dark robed man finishes his prayer, the brown robed acolyte kneeling before the many-eyed horror reaching through the portal stands and walks toward the grasping hands – “I give myself willingly Lozixhil, the sacrifice is worth your blessing!”, and there is a green flare as a tentacle reaches through the portal, dragging the acolyte through the gate. Another acolyte hesitantly rises from the benches and begins walking to the same spot, when he looks, and catches your eye — “Master, I thought the ritual couldn’t be interrupted?”

At this point Master Andrianos looks to the party and is briefly outraged, but composes himself and invites the party to join the trials. If any players choose to, they may perform the Trial of Worthiness. If they decline, or start asking questions that reveal that they are not “empty vessels” created by over use of the draught of final remembrance, he will become enraged and attack. In this battle, The Presence of Lozoxihl will attack anyone in range, but will focus on whatever attracts it’s attention.

Among the pews are seven Empty Vessel minions, and two Cultists who will help Master Adrianos to overcome the party. Neither the Empty Vessels or the Cultists realize that Lozixhil will attack or consume them if they get too close. Proceed to The Presence of Lozixhil.

For a reference for this scene, consider “Eldritch Summoning” by Lochlan Page.

The Trial of Worthiness

If one of the players decides to take the Trial of Worthiness, they must complete the following challenges to survive.

As the tentacles of The Presence of Lozoxihl wrap around you, it’s presence invades your mind, scouring it of memories that could be a danger to it’s master.

Trial of Scholars Make a DC 15 Intelligence save to preserve your memories. If you fail this save, any memories of Lozoxihl or Naxh’dritl are erased from your mind. If you succeed on this saving throw, you may increase your Intelligence by one, to a maximum of 20.

Trial of Sense Make a DC 15 Wisdom save to preserve your sense of right and wrong. If you fail this save, your alignment shifts one step toward Chaotic on the law/chaos spectrum, and one step toward Neutral on the good/evil spectrum. If you succeed this saving throw, you may increase your Wisdom by one, to a maximum of 20.

Trial of Self Make a DC 15 Charisma save to preserve your personality. If you fail this saving throw, you become obsessed with feeding Lozoxihl to survive the coming doom, and gain an Indefinite Madness3 (“Achieving my goal is the only thing of interest to me, and I’ll ignore everything else to pursue it.”). If you succeed you may increase your Charisma by, one to a maximum of 20.

Once the trials are complete, you gain immunity to the draught of final remembrance. If you succeed on two of these saving throws, Lozoxihl will accept you as a Warlock of the Old One, scouring away your past level of experience, and converting it to Warlock (if you are already a Warlock, you lose your current Patron, and Lozoxihl becomes your Patron). If you refuse this gift, or fail more than one saving throw, the Presence of Lozoxihl drags you into the Mouth of Naxh’dhritl.

The Presence of Lozixhil

The great Beast making it’s way through the portal is merely a facet of Lozoxihl, who seeks to drag prey into the Mouth of Naxh’dhritl. The Presence is immobile, but it’s tentacles can reach anywhere into the main chamber that Lozixhil is in. Each round it will make two tentacle attacks, and if it successfully grabs a target, it will drag it into the Mouth. Cultists in the Mouth will become confused (per the confusion spell). This cannot be dispelled or cured, and cultists that enter the mouth will continue to act under that spell until they die; nothing can help them recover short of a Wish spell.

If Master Andrianos is killed, Lozoxihl will recede into the portal, allowing others to pass through it. The portal will remain open for an hour, until the strange fuel that feeds the purple fires burns down. If The Presence of Lozoxihl is defeated, it will slouch backwards through the portal, allowing passage through the portal from either direction.

The Mouth of Naxh’dhritl

“It’s horrible in here…” – Evolution

This is a terrible space that is within one of the many mouths of Naxh’dhritl. Within each the countless mouths of Naxh’dhritl resides an aspect of Lozixhil, that waits to flay the body and soul of it’s prey to feed it’s great master.

While the Presence of Lozixhil is alive, the portal is sealed by a part of Lozixhil bulk, and creatures within cannot escape. Once the Presence of Lozixhil is defeated on the other side of the portal, or Lozixhil is defeated on this side of the portal, it is possible to move freely through it until the ritual powering the portal concludes. Any creature in the Mouth when the portal closes is consumed body and soul by Naxh’dhritl, and is lost forever.

This horrific environment is a demiplane that appears to follow all of the normal rules of physics, but anyone within the Mouth will take 1d4 acid damage at the start of their turn.


When either the Presence of Lozixhil is defeated the portal will begin to collapse, when the ritual fires burn out if just the Presence is defeated, or within 1d10+5 turns if Lozixhil, The Harvester is defeated. If either happens, the cultists – including Master Andrianos and Nikoleta, remaining in the temple will fight to the death, their only sense of purpose lost to them. Any abberations spawned from the Mouth of Naxh’dhritl will immediately flee from the temple, and take any steps necessary to escape or evade combat – their goal is to spread the will of Naxh’dhritl, not to fight the party or attack townspeople!

In the private quarters to the south east, detailed instructions for preparing the draught of final remembrance
can be found, as well as ancient texts written in Deep Speech that detail the rituals needed to open a portal to a mouth of Lozixhil.

A book titled The Hunger of Dreams details what the wizard Agelmar Margaster had learned of Lozixhil and Naxh’dhritl, and their unending hunger and desire to devour everything that lives. Among the pages are notes and missives from The Cult of Lozixhil and the Church of Nepenthes that indicate a loose, cell based structure of organizations that worship these horrific and otherworldly creatures. Clues to the next steps include

  • Two missives, one from Waterdeep, requesting Nepenthe seeds from someone named Valmarin, who seeks to start a new temple. The second is from a place called Stormreach, written by Hupnam the Servitor, stating that the experiment was successful and he was able to be both consumed by Lozixhil and transfer himself to his new form.
  • A packet of Nepenthe seeds with instructions to care for them, and strict instructions not to touch the thorns.
  • A strange nut that looks much like an acorn but has shadowy tendrils that are growing from it. It is contained in a small glass jar, with a very cryptic label containing only a question mark. This is a seed that when planted on the Prime Material plane will grow over 8 hours into one of the twisted portals of The Ways. It emanates powerful conjuration and necromancy magic, and is felt by anyone sensitive to evil or aberrations.

In addition to the details above, the earnings of the temple are contained within a lockbox underneath the bed, 400 gp, 250 cp, and two potions of superior healing, a wand of secrets, a small forked metal rod, and a scroll of Plane Shift.

Witness to Naxh’dhritl

If one of the characters present has borne witness to Naxh’dhritl, read the following as they enter the room:

You step into the chamber you catch a glimpse of the many eyed beast reaching through the brilliant viridescent portal, and a memory consumes you:

As you gaze through the aperture of the portal, your eye catches on the strange texture of the ground that appears far beneath you. The mottled purple and grey terrain trembles, and a large crevasse slowly forms across the surface – what you first think are tears in the turf bridging the gaps quickly form into tendrils of viscous liquid as the ground separates.

Revealed in the depths of that crevasse is a golden and glassy surface that quickly expands revealing a massive black smear across, which you quickly realize is a pupil as it shifts to centre on you. As the pupil focuses, it reshapes into an indescribable form that tugs at the deepest recesses of your mind, and the golden surface suddenly erupts into dozens of enormous tendrils reaching and striving toward you. It is only then that you realize the vastness of the scale of the eye that is gazing at you through the portal.
You can see the tentacles streaming toward you through the horrible void, and get a sense of the distance they are traversing to reach toward you; as they grow closer you can see the tips of the undulating arms forming massive blisters that erupt into open, tooth filled maws. You stare into the portal as though transfixed by the images you see, and as the limbs strain towards the portal, within the mouth stretching open, you see the hideous form of a many eyed beast with its twisted, nearly human hands gripping the awful interior of that mouth as it’s eager eyes lock on yours and the wicked tentacles on its back flicker toward you. The silent screams of those gaping maws echo across the void into your mind and you instinctively recoil, breaking contact with the control pillar, and the portal winks momentarily out, then re-appears, once again showing you the calm silver clouds of the Astral Sea.

The character will take 3d6 psychic damage, DC 15 Wisdom save for half. That character feels the words “I SEE YOU” slam into their mind as The Presence of Lozixhil targets them for the next round.

Draught of Final Remembrance

adventuring gear (potion)

This sweet smelling but bitter flavored tea seems to be vaguely illuminated from within. When consumed, you immediately feel drowsy and tired, and begin to slip into a deep trance that lasts 1d4+4 hours, nothing short of a lesser restoration spell will awaken you before that time passes. When you awaken you have lost all memory or recollection of a painful memory, and while you have a vague recollection of having lost something, for the next 24 hours you have advantage on Charisma based skill checks for persuasion and performance. In addition, you gain all of the benefits of a long rest, even if you have taken one in the last 24 hours. Finally, if you are suffering from any type of Madness3At the end of that 24 hours you gain a level of exhaustion. When you next awaken you have a recollection of a bizarre city with unusual geometry that seems to shift and a great cyclopean tower that seems to have been watching you.

After accruing 7 levels of exhaustion from consuming the tea, you lose all of your memories, and your will and motivation. You become an Empty Vessel, and seek guidance and instruction from whoever was providing you the tea, following their instructions.

The draught can be made into a potion, but loses it’s potency after 24 hours.

New Monsters

The Cult of Lozoxihl

In addition to Master Andrianos and Nikoleta, there are several cultists and servants of Lozixhil that occupy the temple.

Empty Vessels

Empty vessels are humanoids of any race or size that have drank too frequently of the draught of final remebrance. Barely concious automatons that seek only to serve and protect their master, in combat they will mob anyone attacking their master, acting as human shields. They act without regard for their own safety and are unaware of their own frailty.

Cultist of Lozixhil

Not all of the Empty Vessels are consumed, some of them pass the Trial of Worthiness and become a Warlock of Lozoxihl, serving their master in body and spirit.

In battle the Cultists will first attempt to use their Hold Person spell to ensnare their assailants, and then will either cast True Strike to help their master, or cast Eldritch Blast on opponents that are attacking them directly. If they are hit, they will use Hellish Rebuke.

The Presence of Lozixhil

A hideous beast with nearly human arms, several tentacles, and countless eyes that bubble up, focus and then rupture, the Presence of Lozixhil is blocks the portal to the Mouth until it is defeated. Note that the Tentacle attacks come from the within the portal, not from The Presence of Lozixhil.

Lozixhil, The Harvester

Lozixhil, The Harvester are the many facets of the hunger of Naxh’dhritl. Each of Naxh’dhritls mouths holds an aspect of Lozixhil, and when destroyed, that mouth will collapse in on itself (the portal closing in 1d10+5 turns). Lozixhil acts with no sense of self-preservation for it knows that its many facets will live on to consume endless souls to feed its master.

Each round Lozixhil will use it’s Corrupting Gaze to try to infect a target, then target the same target as well as another in order to create new abberations. These abberations may squeeze through the portal, allowed by Lozixhil to escape.


The Temple of Lozixhil

You can download the full resolution maps and cutouts from the gallery here.

Note that the cut out in the bottom right can be extracted using any image editor and used to reveal the secret door under the top left statue at the appropriate time! The gallery above also contains cutouts.

The Temple of Lozixhil

Credits and Inspiration

The inspiration for Draught of Final Remembrance, the flowers and the name of the Ebon Kindness, and the are taken from A Cosmology of Horrors by Shaun Hamill. The appearance of the temple and the form of Lozixhil are inspired by “Eldritch Summoning” by Lochlan Page.

Story and maps © Yvan Boily, @ygjb,

The Jubilant Gazelle

This article is available as a download, and can be edited on Homebrewery as well.

Shipwrecks and sunken boats are a common enough site along the shores, but not when traveling down a road more than 100 miles from the nearest body of water!

A Giff, as seen in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

The Jubilant Gazelle was traveling from a world beyond this one to bring a shipment of gunpowder and cannons to a Gnome community (if you are playing in the Forgotten Realms, you can use Gnomengard, has been trying to deal with a White Dragon), when it was set upon by a dragon. While they were able to drive off the dragon, the ship was damaged and crashed.

Most of the Giff were killed on impact, but a small squad of them has scavenged what they could and have camped out on the ridge to the south-east.

Set along a road in a plain or lightly wooded location, this encounter is a drop-in ready random encounter, or can be a part of a quest to rescue or recover the goods the Giff were transporting.

The Crash Site

Nearly 60 feet long, the Jubilant Gazelle featured a single mast with an Ethereal sail that allowd it to navigate in virtually any environment, and until it crashed, it’s enchanted hull granted it a maximum speed of 175 ft (~2 mph). The remains of the ethereal sail, tattered and torn, flutter and flail as though under a strong wind, even though there isn’t much wind when the party arrives.

Both the aft and the forward deck are completely caved in and collapsed from the impact, and clearly the forward deck continued sliding forward digging deep ruts and scraping away the turf.

Scattered among the wreckage are a number of crates and barrels, mostly broken open and the goods within are ruined.

Positioned near the wreckage at the aft deck, and the foreward deck, the Giff survivors have placed a barrel of gunpowder, intending to fire at it if anyone tries to loot the wreckage, preferring to destroy their remaining cargo instead of allowing it to be salvaged.

A DC 15 investigation check will yield signs of tracks that have been clearly disguised leading to the south east ridge, and signs of some large objects being dragged.

The Survivors

Hidden on the ridge line to the south east is an encampment of Giff survivors, comprised of Captain Hayden Cunningham, who is a Giff (Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes), a Giff Sharpshooter, and 3 Giff Crewmen.

The survivors are hostile to anyone who attempts to salvage anything from the ship, holding until the right opportunity. If one or more intruders are within 10 feet of either the gunpowder kegs, the sharpshooter will fire on the keg, causing it to ignore and start to burn. The next round, the keg will explode (30′ radius, 7d6 fire damage, DC 12 Dexterity save for half damage). Afterwards Captain Cunningham will offer Parlay and request that their wreck be left alone. Captain Cunningham would like to hire the group to bring back several wagons to transport the salvage, and his crew to the gnome community, but will also fight to the death to defend them. If the party returns with two wagons, Captain Cunningham will give them 250gp, and a letter of credit for an additional 250gp drawn on the Fraternity of Order, Sigil Headquarters. If pressed, he will provide the name of Aldin Haverschmidt, a Lawful Neutral Human Mage in Baldur’s Gate who will honour the letter of credit (and is also secretly from Sigil, and a member of the Fraternity of Order)

In addition to the remaining survivors here, Captain Cunningham sent an expedition to the gnome community seeking help to haul their remaining cargo. This expedition is comprised of a Giff Sharpshooter, and two Giff Crewmen, and left three days ago.

If you don’t have Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, it turns out the Captain Cunningham didn’t make it; in his place there is an additional Giff Sharpshooter, Alexis Harrison, and two more Giff Crewmen. Alexis is the ranking crew member, and will use the same tactics as Captain Cunningham


With a DC 15 investigation check of the wreckage, they can find a satchel containing a contract with the gnomish community to deliver two cannons, 200 rounds of cannon shot, and 10 kegs of gunpowder. The contract contains details about the community. Bringing the damaged, but repairable cannons and the shot to them would yeild a reward of 500gp, and make the gnomes of the community friendly to the group.

In addition to the firearms the crew has, and the remaining 3 kegs of gunpowder, and approximately 300 rounds of shot, the party find provisions to last several weeks, a small chest containing 300gp, 100 sp, and two books Navigating the Phlogiston, and Atlas of the Crystal Spheres. With access to either of these two books, a player who is making an Arcana check related to the planes can choose to spend an hour researching to gain advantage on the check. The books are work 150gp each if they can find the right buyer, but even trying to sell them may attract interest the adventurers may not want…

Giff Crew

In addition to the Giff from Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, there are two other types of Giff presented below.

The Giff Crewman is the rank and file crew member of a Giff ship; less skilled and experienced in direct combat, they are still effective, and their knowledge of firearms can make them dangerous opponents. In combat they will often fall back to find cover to make ranged attacks, but once they are in hand to hand combat will work together to flank their opponents.

Giff Sharpshooters are skilled musketmen that prefer to use stealth and range to take out their opponents. Extremely skilled marksmen, they are fond of setting traps, or using Crewmen to lure out targets.


The full resolution maps can be found here

The Jubilant Gazelle (Day time)

The Jubilant Gazelle (Night time)

Infestations – Touched by the Far Realms

One of my recent campaigns involved the players investigating the tower of a mad arcanist investigating the Far Realms who clearly went to far and began to experiment with the powers they found there. These rules introduce a new spell, and rules for both afflicting an Infestation, and allowing players to recover from them.

In addition to finding the rules here, they can also be found on Homebrewery or downloaded as a PDF here.


An Infestation is an unnatural infection from the Far Realms that slowly transforms it’s victim. Infestations bypass disease and poison immunities, but cannot infect aberrations, constructs, undead, or creatures without a corporeal form.

Why afflicted by an Infestation, a creature may not remove levels of exhaustion, except through Greater Restoration (restoring a single level), or a more powerful healing spell. and once a day must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, or gain a level of exhaustion. The DC of this saving throw increases by 1 for each level of exhaustion the victim has.

To remove the Infestation, a character must use a Greater Restoration spell while not having any levels of exhaustion, or a Wish.

New Spell: Affliction from Beyond

Affliction from Beyond

5th-level conjuration

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: touch
Duration: Permanent, until healed

Your touch inflicts a disease from another place. Make a melee spell attack against a creature within your reach. On a hit, the target becomes infested with your choice of Gibbering Madness, Cyclopian Visage, or Tyrants Limbs. Aberrations, constructs, undead, and creatures without a corporeal form are unaffected by this spell.

Gibbering Madness

The creature’s body develops blisters that look like mouths and eyes and cause extreme pain. The creature has disadvantage on Wisdom checks and Wisdom saving throws, and may use take the Blinding Spittle action

If the creature dies while afflicted with Gibbering Madness, they become a gibbering mouther at the start of their next turn, with their memories, but none of their abilities intact. They also suffer from Madness (per the rules in the DMG), and are unable to distinguish one living creature from another in their unending hunger.

Blinding Spittle: One of the blisters pops, casting forth a glob of fluid at a creature you can see within 15 feet. The glob explodes in a blinding flash of light on impact. Each creature within 5 feet of the flash must succeed on a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw or be blinded until the end of their next turn.

Cyclopian Visage

The creature is wracked with pain as their eyes turn green and cat like, while their skin turns thick and spiky. They have disadvantage on perception checks based on sight. They may also take the rotting gaze action.

If the creature dies while afflicted with Cyclopian Visage, they become a nothic at the start of their next turn, with their memories, but none of their abilities intact. They also suffer from Madness (per the rules in the DMG), and blame their former friends and allies for their transformation.

Rotting Gaze: The creature makes a DC 13 constitution save, or takes 1d8 necrotic damage as they visibly age (the visible effects pass within the hour).

Tyrants Limbs

A fleshy appendage with an eyeball at the end of it emerges from somewhere on the head of the creature, or on the “top” of the body if they lack a head. The creature can take the Forceful Sight action.

If the creature dies while afflicted withTyrants Limbs, they become a Gauth with their memories, but none of their abilities intact. They also suffer from Madness (per the rules in the DMG), and believe that anyone trying to help them is attempting to harm or kill them.

Forceful Sight: The targeted creature must succeed on a DC 13 Strength saving throw or be pushed up to 15 feet directly away from the gauth and have its speed halved until the start of the gauth’s next turn.

The Lord of the Forest

Hunter who tracks outside of time
Guardian lord of ancient rhyme
Brother stag in the musky glen
And consort of the Goddess in her woodland den
We call you forth as we make our way
Walking in your power every day
Guide us true in our hunt this night

One of the many allies the party encountered during the Ways campaign was the Lord of the Forest – an Actaeon, who made it’s home in the Black Forest to the north east of Lunima. While this particular Actaeon was male, Actaeons can be male or female.

This creature is partially inspired by the original creatures from Mystara, but also by some lyrics from the song “Hymn to Herne” by S.J. Tucker, and performed by Alexander James Adams. As usual, you can find The Lord of the Forest on Homebrewery or download a PDF.

There are many who look to the forests as a wilderness to be explored, or to be hunted for food, or to be cut for resources, but there are many creatures that make the forest their home. Those who reside in the Black Forest look to the Lord of the Forest for protection.

Peaceful Protectors

The Lords of the Forest are fey creatures that trancend boundaries between the planes, and seek to protect and heal the forests the frequent. When they can, they prefer to avoid confrontation but if they aren’t afraid to fight.

Allies of Nature Often responding to the calls of those who would deal with threats to their forests, they can provide healing, guidance, and protection. In rare cases, the Lord of the Forest may also transform their allies to transport them across great distances, but such a journey can be unsettling and have lasting impacts.

Roaming the planes Any single Lord of the Forest will usually protect forests across worlds, travelling between them when there is need. They will usually bring favored animals with them, or if they have transformed an opponent, they will bring them to another world, stranding them away from the forests where they will not be able to cause harm.

Implacable Hunters While the Actaeons are generally kind, and benevolent creatures, they love to hunt. When they mark their prey, they will run it to ground over any distance. Actaeons only hunt when hungry or seeking vengeance against a tresspaser who has despoiled the wilderness they protect.

Thouls of the Black Wind

When I was looking for a powerful enemy to supplement the goblins that are touched by the Black Wind (a malign, otherworldly force heavily inspired by The Black Wind from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan), Thouls seemed like a natural fit. As usual, you can find a copy of this on the Homebrewery, or download a PDF!

Thouls are a foul mystical blending of hobgoblins with trolls and ghouls, originally from the Mystara campaign setting from TSR. Whatever mystical grafting processing was used to combine them left Thouls as living, but necrotic creatures whose foul touch is poisonous to all living things. Stinking of decay, and having the pallour of death, Thouls appear to be grey skinned, grey haired hobgoblins with long fingers that taper into wicked claws. While the first thouls were created by mystical means, they breed naturally with other goblinoids, with only a fraction of the offspring resulting in a thoul.

Shock troops. Thouls often form the front line of a goblinoid force – their poisonous touch can disable their adversaries, and their healing abilities make them more resilient than their allies.

Scavengers and Outcasts. Thouls don’t usually mix socially with other goblinoids – outside of a warband, or the few shamans and warlocks that set themselves apart from common thouls, they are very unpopular, reminding others of the hideous experimentation that other races often perform on goblin-kind.

Chosen of Elder Evils. While goblinoids are not usually the first choice when seeking minions, some thouls are smarter, wiser, or stronger then their kin, and this makes them attractive to gain a fast foothold in an area. Shamans and Warlocks that swear themselves to dark powers often rise to positions of power commanding warbands and tribes.

Voices of the Black Wind

Several tribes of goblinoids have been taken over by the Cult of the Black Wind, and of them, several thouls have been taught by the Seers to act as shamans. These Voices of the Black Wind answer to The Faceless and the Seers, and often lead warbands. The Voices of the Black Wind usually wear bonemail armor crafted from the remains of victims of the Black Wind.

Thoul Voice of the Wind Statblock; see the Homebrewery page for full text.

Hands of the Seers

Some of the thouls who are even more capable than those who are raised as shamans are offered the chance to trade their souls for more power, and become warlocks dedicated to the Black Wind. Lured by the false promise of the chance to become seers themselves, they give up aspects of themselves to become Hands of the Seers with the knowledge that, like all who serve the Black Wind, those who fail will be flayed and transformed into the Faceless.
Black Wind Bonemail Armour

The Servants of the Black wind can often be found wearing armour made from the bones of sacrifices to the Black Wind. Bonemail Armour comes in two varieties – bonemail shirts, and bonemail armour. Regardless of the type of armour, all bonemail grants disadvantage and diplomacy checks, but advantage on intimidation checks against intelligent, living creatures due to the hideous sound and visage the armour grants.

AmourCostArmor ClassWeight
Bonemail Shirt75 gp13 + Dex modifier15 lb
Bonemail Armour100 gp15 + Dex modifier25 l b